An Interview with Miss Digital Parul (Parul Srivastava)

An interview with digital parul
An interview with digital parul

This is the first-ever interview post on and I am grateful to Digital Parul (Parul Srivastava) for accepting my request.

In this Digital World, it is very important is to learn and gain knowledge from time to time and what would be better than to learn from the expert of that particular field.

Today I am going to interview a very young & dynamic personality Miss Digital Parul, She is basically known as a consultant for Brand building and digital marketing.
Apart from that, She is one of the co-founder of 13jugaad .

Let’s Get Started with The INTERVIEW!!

MK Balyan: Hi Parul, Tell us something about Yourself? Introduce yourself to this world and do aspiring Digital marketers?


started my journey in social media marketing with a burning passion to help people learn the strategy to scale their revenue through online marketing. As a student of a company secretary, I always wanted to do something creative and novel and so she decided to start a company with the I started my digital marketing company from the scratch with one of my friends four years back. Even then when the situation at my place was not that great I had that zeal to establish a name for my company and become a social media marketing expert.

I mastered my craft with great dedication and discipline with the passage of time by working with renowned professionals and big brands. Initially, I worked quite hard with a great struggle to expand my business in Delhi.

After encountering many ups & downs in my company I managed to excel in various fields of education, hospitals & healthcare sectors by enabling these businesses to grow and earn with my constant effort. 

MK Balyan: Why did you choose to be in this field of Digital Marketing above any other field?

Parul: Digital marketing is a dynamic field and I realized 4 years back that this is the only way a business can grow exponentially. In today’s scenario if a business is not online then it means it is not existing in the world.

MK Balyan: Did anyone influence you to be what you are today? Or which all people you look up to while embarking this journey of yours?

Parul: Yes, my business partner Mr. Abhishek also a very good friend of mine always supported and guided my as a mentor, also I keep following all the dignitaries of digital marketing world Mr. Siddhartha Rajshekharan, Mr. Sorav Jain,  Mr. Avi Arya and keep following their path to reach my destination.

MK Balyan: Since you are now a well-known name in the Digital Marketing world. You have created your Personal Brand.  Tell us How much Personal Branding is important?

Parul: 2020 is all about personal branding, people want to connect with you, they want to learn about your journey, so I keep telling the same in all my Live sessions as well, start your personal branding now, once people have faith and trust in you, your business will run automatically.

MK Balyan: Tell us a bit about your Audience. Who is your Audience? How you created your Audience? How do you engage them on a daily basis or How important it is?

Parul: Recently I launched a digital product named Social Media Calendar, and I got tremendous response from business owners all over India, so my audience is basically all the business owners all over the country, also a lot of youth who want to learn digital marketing and want to open their own digital marketing agency. Talking about engaging my audience I make sure I give them a lot of free content which is a Value addition for them, also I keep doing a lot of live sessions so that regular interaction is maintained. Engaging your audience is very important because you have developed a sense of faith from them over a period of time which you might lose easily.

MK Balyan: We see your post every day on Social Media Platforms and You are running your Personal Brand also. How do you manage your time?  

Parul: Automation is the key, with the help of my business partner, I have set my agency on automation mode by applying various systems in it, so I am easily able to manage travel and my personal branding that way.

MK Balyan: Can you give some tips to aspiring Digital Marketer? Also if you can suggest some ideas/tips by which they can make money online?

Parul: The best tip I can give is, “Never stop learning and implementing”, its an era of videos, make more and more videos and connect with the audience, also stay calm and grounded throughout the journey.

MK Balyan: What is the best and worst thing about being an Influencer?

Parul: The best thing about being an influencer is you get in touch with so many people around the globe, also you get the opportunity to connect with so many mindsets and eventually you learn a lot, I would not say anything is worst about it but yes there is always a sense of responsibility on the shoulder.

MK Balyan: What are your favorite pass time other than your work?

Parul:  I am a workaholic kind of person, the only thing which gives me peace is my work, other than that I love spending time with my family.

MK Balyan: Parul! Final Question now > What’s your Goal? What would you want to be known for in the future?

Parul: My goal is to teach and coach lakh of people around the globe what I have learned and have experience about in past few years, I am a regular follower of some of the dignitaries of the digital marketing world and want to contribute at least close to what they are doing for the industry, rest I have faith in almighty and on my hard work.

Digital Parul is one of the co-founder of the 13Jugaad Digital Marketing Agency.

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